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Joseph Williamson ('The Edge Hill Mole' 1769-1840)

I once heard someone may rightfully question if there is a link between  the Trans Atlantic Slave trade and the career of Joseph Williamson, I have yet to find one to date and would not have anything to do with him if he had profited from anything even distantly related to the slave trade. Williamson was an importer of Tobacco and contraband as far as I know. Also the reason for his building so many tunnels may have been shaped by a religious fear of an Apocalyptic end to the world, hence the tunnels to take refuge in. So many myths and rumours but one thing that is clear: Joseph Williamson spent much of his wealth on the Edge hill Tunnels and provided paid work for many men building them. Many, returning from the Napoleonic Wars, would have had little or no work to come back to.

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Thanks to Chris Iles Photographer

joseph williamson, the edge hill mole, liverpool sculpture, commission a portait, sculpture commission
15 x 40cm (WxH)